Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Birthday Boot Camp

T-Parties has been putting on parties for The Thomas Twins since before they were even born (Check out The Thomas Twin's baby shower). And we were thrilled to have the opportunity to do a Birthday Boot Camp party for the twins.

Personalized banner designed in Cricut Design Space  & Humvee from Oriental Trading parked in front of the fire place

Personalized banner from Oriental Trading

The Theme:

I Don't Know, But I've Been Told! The Thomas Twins Are Three Years Old!!!

These two boys are Army Brats celebrating their father's return home after a nearly one year deployment. Their party was scheduled on Armed Forces Day and everyone came prepared for a fun, tough day of Birthday Boot Camp!

The Decor:

Most of the items were purchased online from Oriental Trading or were created in Cricut Design Space. Some items were purchased at Party City, Michael's and Mardel.

The Birthday Boys

Hanging Banners

More Cut Outs

The Command Center (The kids raided it before I could take a pic)
Party Prepping

Gift Table
The Uniform:

All Soldiers were divided into two teams, Alpha (green camouflage) and Bravo (tan camouflage). They were all assigned corresponding colored hats too. This was purchased at the Dollar Tree, very affordable! They also headed over to their Sgt Maj for their camo face.

The Cake:

The cake was ordered at the Wal Mart bakery and we added our own cake topper. A definite money saver!
Cake by Wal Mart

Cake Topper Ordered from Amazon

Birthday Boys

Chow Time:

Soldiers headed over to the Mess Hall were they were served MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). Each MRE came in a paper bag with a build your own sandwich kit. They had bread (rolls), sandwich meat in baggies, and condiments. Along with apples, cuties, potato chips and a juice box. Parent's were served in the Dining Hall and they had burgers fresh off the grill.

Physical Training:

We set up an Obstacle Course that was safe enough for all participants to use. But don't be fooled, this was a tough course to pass! Not really, but we did have one of the birthday boys lose one of their shoes!

After the kids received their War Face...
Team Alpha

Team Bravo

....They headed out back to complete the physical requirements of Boot Camp.
Left, Left, Left, Right Left!

Tire Run

They even made it through the low crawl!

Some took short cuts!
And no boot camp would be complete without going to the gun range!

Party Favors:

Each soldier was given a toy soldier and a Certificate of Completion (of Birthday Boot Camp) along with a Promotion to SGT. Let's face it, these kids earned their stripes! They also received a bag of  camouflage goodies (ranging from, binoculars, army trucks, bouncing balls and candy).

Birthday Boy's War Face

Get up and try again!

War is hard work!

This is serious business

Fatigued Daddy

Little Soldiers
The Post War Assessment:

The twins and their fellow guests absolutely loved their birthday boot camp.

Cadence cold be heard through the speakers in the background and it gave everyone a really patriotic feeling.


Party Styling & Set Up by T-Parties
Cake by Wal-Mart
Decorations by Oriental Trading, Party City, Mardel, and Michael's
Uniforms by Dollar Tree
War Paint by MAJ Thomas

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